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lirik lagu motherbox portal – dr birds – king kashmere / eahwee


yo, yo, yo
could’ve been worse, could’ve been a global pandemic
could’ve been negative vibes totally magnetic
could’ve could’ve lost some good people and wept
could’ve seen the powers that be and the evil they rep
could’ve seen paranoia make enemies out of friends
wish i knew the laughter, eventually at the end
i don’t get upset
i kick a hole in the fabric of sp*ce and time thеn i jet
f*ck what the other f*cks taught you
i’m sitting sidеways through the motherbox portal
(i’m sitting sideways through the motherbox portal,)
nothing is real, finna ask 2020 what the f*ck is the deal
smuggling know what the truth is you’re living a lie
vaccine or no vaccine you’re still gonna die
tinfoil hats won’t protect your head from the strike
you can be right and still have your head on the spike
so calm down, (calm down) calm down stressing the f*ck out
or find yourself naked on road getting your nuts out
please stab yourselves in the face
get a grip or i will get santas elves on the case, (oh f*ck)
and you don’t want that smoke
when an elf pass you a spliff you better say nope, (nope)
f*ck what the other f*cks taught you
i’m sitting sideways through the motherbox portal

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