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lirik lagu 12 steps to recovery – dr. dre


break out your f-cking swishes
light up your f-ckin’ weed
i’d like to introduce you all to the chronic iii
it’s d r period dre motherf-cka
back to set the record straight for motherf-ckers

i gotta be the number one supplier
i keep you higher than richard pryor
i been the dope man since ’86 (’86)
from a n-gg- with a att-tude to a n-gg- that’s f-cking rich
i’m feeling better than i’ve ever been
a lot stronger, plus i got a bet i win (bet i win)
i’m taking all bets, f-ck it i’m all in
and when i’m finished with this business i will be number
one (one one)
started out on the turn tables with little [?] tables turned
you can’t imagine what my label earned
i gross more in a year than most n-gg-s make in their whole career
i’m only here
two (two two)
make sure i shake up your rear view
and you n-gg-s could not see me with a clear view
if i was you i’d probably hate me too
’cause yeah you got a budget but you can’t fit dre in it, it’s
three (three three)
alb-m solo, that aftermath logo, platinum plus ’cause i don’t go gold
you know my stacks ain’t got enough wall for all my plaques
n-gg-s actin’ like i wasn’t coming back
more? i’m too in love with this sh-t, plus i came too far to quit
and it was in nine
i got sick of n-gg-s trippin’ and sh-t, so i started building my label, sometime in 9 6
adjust the levels on my mic so it’s loud and clear (testing)
this is something that i want the whole world to hear (world to hear)
i’m tired of n-gg-s blaming sales on the industry
the music ain’t sh-t, and personally it’s offending me

twelve steps to recovery

f-ckin’ with the d r, find yourself an e r
need cpr, do you know who we are?
love cognac and cigars, so high i don’t see y’all
on a whole ‘nother level, that’s why i couldn’t be y’all
straight summers they’ve been patiently waiting
and i’d like to thank you all for being patient
i’d like to shout out all the critics for hating
’cause you’ve only been the fuel for my motivation
you cat’s lives is limited
while i got black cards for all of my businesses
and there’s
million reasons why you can’t f-ck with detox
and i’m the biggest influence in hip-hop
i can’t stop, look what i started
i get the most pay, because i work the hardest
should’ve been number one to me
it’s hard work to you, but it’s fun for me

twelve steps to recovery