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lirik lagu 1942 flow’s heavy; woke i stay remix – dr. léon


verse 1:
used to wish about f*cking all of them hoes
all that i wanted was my little man to get blown
pulled the baddest at camp i f*cked up my toe
held back treated women like gods get to that later though
what are the odds that i’ll slay it though if i don’t even have the nuts to kiss her
swore i was ready though
what’s love and lost that’s how it go
feels frosty, all of this shade i needed my coat
but i caused it you want me to get off it
but i never considered the bigger picture was exhausted
all these bullies in my face i couldn’t sock him
made fun so i got tackled good they was yelling “get off him”
i talked a lot of sh*t. it wasn’t counterfeit
i hurt feelings. lack of acknowledgement
lack of accomplishments
lack of deposits. instead i’m withdrawing i’m positive
it’s all negative nonsense i swear i’m being honest on this (beat drop)
andy milonakis i was watching
back when i was wearing casio watches
if you wear them then wear them with f*cking confidence
i was too concerned of other people’s thoughts of my progress
that posse was pulling girls at kickbacks and i was watching
p*rn h*ll hath no fury like a woman scorned
you talking to the dude that never ate his vegetables. just corn
you think i’m responsible enough to lay eggs with you? i’m bored
you hurt with more lies i told
after part 1 i was getting bold
you were my first time
i could have made it to that football game if i really tried
i was f*cked up and my pride was stuck up
pops told me take it out on the ones that give no good luck
what? i wasn’t listening, but i managed to leech on people respectively
feening for the love i didn’t have i failed to mention
i could climb fences without no effort
thought i looked cute with glasses was afraid to sanction the girls that chased me
wish i had my necklace now tucked back then in my shirt
cause i wouldn’t tug security guards vest as i pointed in their direction

word up meek
they wanna see me fall
and i will never sell my soul
i’m on some sh*t that they ain’t seen before
dream chasin’, catchin’ all my goals
i don’t need these wh0res
tryna get money to help all my woes
play with me, you know it’s all*out war
i’m a young n*gga goin’ all out for us

(heavy heart intro):
i got a few things to talk about
no i’m not always right
no i’m not perfect
but i got a story to tell too
i got my side of the story
y’all thought i was dead, left me out to dry
nah, nnmmmhmmn, no sir
i’m here by god’s grace and glory
i’m here to fulfill my purpose

verse 2:
i couldn’t tell you how many times i cried
poke fun cause i couldn’t heel*toe i couldn’t c*walk
the only walk i loved to manage was at an intersection
i love traffic lights, well doctor what was the lesson?
i felt my only friends was that, imaginary dbz, and myself when
was stuck in the slide no luck i blacked out after crying yelling
that’s how i felt inside the boys and girls club my mother left me behind
couple of dudes asked me if i miss my mommy, it took that for her to place a trip upon me
that’s another story
i remember when that dude touched me, wanted to hump me
refused until i let loose, the thought crushed me
got our asses kicked
got caught on top of you mad quick
out of frustration, not because i was g*y i just wanted to race anyway
another way provided that i could escape the pain
i swore that if i ever saw you again i’d wrap my hands around your throat and that will be the end
to another dude, i had to drop my tapes i wasn’t h*lla rude
you were my first recording we talked about coming up together
the whole group with effort could get this money. it got real funny
couldn’t ever get a time down in order to lay it down
asked my homie you record, what’s popping now?
showed me his dude and i laid it down wasn’t the best yes
but it got me off the ground pimping
then you supported that jawn
it’s supposed to have been you to be on the engineering side
but whatever maybe next time. i was guessing
we talked again, we talked coming up again a new opportunity was coming had to make amends
i said one thing, you never responded, i tried but we never connected
i’m off this, i wanted to knock it out so i hit my dude again
laid it down and it came out good in the end
so i blasted you in front all everyone cause it happened again it doesn’t make it right
dude that is recording couldn’t send over my track but at least he’s recording my tracks
not the most professional, this has been going on
but we are both attempting to learn ourselves and are trying to grow more upon ourselves

intro to stay woke:
as i mentioned i ain’t perfect
there were some things said and done on both sides to make the situation what it was
gotta wake up that sometimes it isn’t everyone’s fault and sometimes it’s you
sometimes you gotta wake up to the vice*versa of that too

verse 3:
there’s two sides to every story and three when the truth gets told
so grab a spoon ‘fore your soup get cold
i’m just shouting out some lines that’s important i find
for the search i came across due to drake
now it’s nf on the fm
tryna get my steps in
tryna leave this all in the past i’m thru neglecting
my pride had nothing to protect and
lost more being in the middle learned my lesson
pulling hammies understand it’s
my fault no stretching was ever accomplished
always fell for anything i was never wearing a harness
couldn’t harness my ability
didn’t wanna cause my thoughts alone was k!lling me
i betrayed and have been betrayed
i’ve slayed and i’ve been the one slaved
paved a way for all of the hate
took blame for others who not doing the same
made fun of me till i was blue in the face stuck things (beat change)
in walls in order to maintain my facade
gosh, caught in the middle so much i thought i was in a menage
i was watching drake & josh, crushing on zoey 101
done wishing, blaming others i’m still tripping
belief system’s out of wack ya know i’m still fishing
for some compliments
all the sh*t i did for attention some non*sense
i can’t get mad at no one else
i get what i put in. strap the belt

verse 4:
make the most of your situation and find an out
stop crying out for a hero
if you can’t save yourself from zero
my father was robert deniro
drivings cabs dodging jabs from the judge
made him drive to all of them classes he didn’t budge
when it came to my grades back then i would just f*dg*
all of my stories bugs
bunny jumping to conclusions shooting like elmer fudd
now i’m smoking bud judging people for their sh*tty hugs
i’m giving you dap if me you can barely touch
what is the f*cking point of a side hug?
cared too much shot my shot didn’t have any luck
i apologize to other’s that i hurt
being a p*ssy hiding my feelings it didn’t work
my relationship with god will never belong to a church
word. most of my life has been a blur on drugs tripping
other people’s stories never even occurred. (beat change)

verse 3:
i get it. i’m my own worst critic. was concerned about them digits
i’m tall but still a midget
a sp*wn to some i’m still frigid
too warm to others they learned me i was a b*tch
i didn’t show resistance
my mind stuck racing i cried watching those pistons
recently i had another christening
thought it would wash my blemishes
too lazy at least i had something to drink
hated making pitchers of kool*aid
dumb it down for others i was two*faced
it’s time for change this topic isn’t up for debate
stuck in the matrix my minds stuck on penetration
if i stayed with my ma i’d be in the penitentiary
or dead, selling crack cocaine it’s crazy
i’d be shooting people for singing like a canary
mary lou thank you for giving me that toyota camry
mary jane, julia driving me i wasn’t fooling ya
pearl, bullet, lucille, the seat peeled back
wouldn’t make it where i am if it wasn’t for that
i stay sober relapse
no effort shown more laps
i’m still fighting after this time*lapse
people see this side of me and they still gasp
gotta love how they all react
said they were proud of me
god get it all, devil everything up out of me
when i said i was a sp*wn just an *n*logy
i can’t do this alone i’m done speaking all these fallacies
get my mind above anatomy
treat my body like a temple all else is all a tragedy
i know you ain’t mad at me
stay woke