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lirik lagu the super-supper march – dr. seuss


bash street kids: hungry, hungry, i am hungry. table, table, here i come. i could eat a goose, goose, burger! fifteen pickles and a purple plum! i could eat three bowls of goolash, half a pound of wuzzled wheat
minnie: i could eat a peck of peppers
bash street kids: then i really get to work and eat! oysters, noodles, strawberry stroodles, french fries, fish hash, one red beet! lamb chops, wham chops, huckleberry mish mash, oh, the things that i can eat
toots: donuts, dumplings, blueberry b-mplings
danny: chocolate, mush-mush super sweet
minnie: clam stew, ham stew, watermelon, wush wush
bash street kids: oh, the stuff that i could eat! deep dish, rhubarb, upside down cake! i could eat a frittered flum. hungry, hungry, i am starving! table, table, table, here i come