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lirik lagu 5 tigers – dramaboi


verse 1

ke tshwere 5 tygers, le di 2 tygers
ama townshipboys got no fathers
re tlogo soka di dulase in 4 hours
le di goons tse di kgokanang le 4 showers
put your hands in the air it’s a d-mn faras
re tlogo betsa 2 fingers le dilagas
set the roof on fire ke sa tshwara bagas
i pay myself so f-ck a smandlan takas
so f-ck a smandlan takas
i fought hoes in the back ene ba nfarasa
i got haters and i got lovers
but i wouldn’t f-ck a b-tch ke sa tshwara lovers
ke ntwana wa makeishane no masalad
and i know snitch n-gg-s ba ma under covers
we don’t really give a f-ck we’re just putting in work everytime ke ba bona kare eitah dah..


ke tshwere 5 tygers
2 tigers, le di 3 tygers
on the corner tryna get that doe -on the corner tryna get that doe- he banna! (2 times)

verse 2

ke tshwere 8 tygers le di 6 tygers
mapodisi at the door everybody habatshe
tla ke bitse javas, gore ha batla
ditsotsi tsame ditlaago khabata
ditsotsi tsame ditlaago khabatha
we run up in your jarata
you know i got ace on deck and you n-gg-s ke dipelo when i pull out your karata
moving the weight
granny is late
n-gg- i’m tryna put food on my plate
them b-tches tryna put -ss on my face
they know i’m real, i know they’re fake
and ha makhola ba tla they know they’re late
i’m low like a gator i flow with the lake
ke cut’ile gr-ss’e to see all the snakes
i’m still that n-gg- from back in the days…