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lirik lagu time never was (the hiram story) – dre lloyd



it’s been a long time/
the knowledge is sublime, the destination is islam/
and while n*ggas still fight over bible and the quran/
i give a perfect grip to sit amongst the masters of the shrine/
hotep, these wack rapper n*ggas know that i would set it off/
hotep, y’all should know better to even get involved/
the king of new jeru like archaleas put word out/
a n0ble like thomas drew in a coupe that’s the turnout/
i burnout , i ran through jersey since 92/
resurrected the craft from its grave i’m living proof/
ain’t tryna hear an excuse/
i be getting busy, training all my new recruits, bishop know i got the juice/
cut from a different fabric check the status/stand firm, i never flip like acrobatics/
pump ya brakes, and the gate to every age/
a milestone , in the journey of the race/
7s the lucky number/

“time never was when man was not.” if life of man at any time began, a time would come when it would end. “the thoughts of allah cannot be circumscribed. no finite mind can comprehend things infinite. all finite things are subject unto change. all finite things will cease to be because there was a time when they were not.” the bodies and the souls of men are finite things, and they will change, yea, from the finite point of view the time will come when they will be no more”

from the pyramids to the projects, from whence come you/
how did you find me, who sent you, that stone is a sign of the truth/
only the pure blooded men from royal lineage can rock that/
it takes 40 years to obtain, curious to how you got that/
heard of many legends of the savior returning/
heart of a lion, dark skin as though it was burnt in a furnace/
he sits amongst the gentiles, just go back home/
and find your way to the master that wears a red cap stone/
& i heard they have a temple , ancient law for modern days/
resurrecting the dead raise em all from shallow graves/
from the pain , destruction, and poverty i see/
a n0ble man drew up a plan for us to fight like ali/
i can see your getting winded soldier, just don’t stop/
make a right on 2nd street then left 5 more blocks/
& sit amongst the sheiks to help tie those knots/
the door is locked, it’ll open givem 3 slow knocks/

“but man himself is not the body, nor the soul; he is a spirit and a part of allah.” creative fate gave to man, to spirit*man, a soul that he might function on the plane of soul; gave him a body of the flesh, that he might function on the plane of things made manifest. why did creative fate give to spirit*man a soul that he might function on the plane of soul? why did creative fate give to soul a body of the flesh that he might function on the plane of things that are made manifest?