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lirik lagu 16 hours – dream kitchen


met by fate, thanks to faith
we’ve so little time what can i say
your eyes so sharp, it cut my heart
your words so sweets, my ears will bleed

it’s like a dream or fantasy
a fairy tale with a happy ending
i don’t wanna wake up, i want to stay hear
i don’t wanna go down it’s so scared

i have the will
i have one day
but i don’t have the time to get there
i want to see you
i want to feel you
but i can not afford 16 hours

opened my eyes, faced the day
closed the book and forget the pain
the three-day dream is o.k.
i’m gonna see you soon when i find my way

should i wear a new smile for a new day?
should i change my mind and forget the pain?
with all the words you said to me
just couldn’t take the pain away from me