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lirik lagu professional griefers – dreamreaver23


i like the sounds of exploding creepers
i like the lights of the fires from griefers
we got the list, and your name is on it
we’ll torch your house and p-ss on the ashes
notch can’t save you, we will find you
destroy all your precious diamonds
creepers sizzling, blocks breaking
redstone with some, tnt

gimme those blocks, to grief
another server world that’s full of
all those burning things, that you made
just make me a mod, you’ll see
the ease at which destruction reigns down
on all of the things, that you made

this flint and steel helps us burn things faster
you hear the blast and the gl-ss panes shatter
we got the gold and the diamonds you’re after
we ban your mods, so now we’re your masters

self-destruction, blocks recession
flint and steel to burn it faster
creepers sizzling, tnt
we got traps that break your things

creepers blasting, blazes burning
pour that lava as i’m leaving
zombie sp-wners, ghastly screams
creepers filled with tnt
fires burning, m-ss destruction
programs for that final action
got that pick, breaking blocks
saving chunks for the next time


cause we are the ones to see
another world that we have griefed
with all the tnt we have placed
and this is the life, we lead
another video we’ll fill with
all the awesome things that we grief