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lirik lagu the ”og” – drt-rosey


you don’t wanna step to this i’m head honcho
no cheating life b*tch l dead capos
attitude like qundo rondo
crazier then sam though

you can catch me in the chrysler
slamming down a wiser
ray bans no need to put down the visor
hey man no need to put out the fire

hotter then two virgins verses cum *rg*smic
of the top like twisters ripping roofs off attics
shout out chi town twister ripping classic after classic
my turn to introduce these f*ggets to straight tactics
hi my name is prince clan the rap addict
beat fanactic
i been on the road to riches too long like bad traffic
i don’t do well with loosing i’m bad at it
just like zidane i’ve had it
with thesе rappers acting tough in the booth
taking subliminal shots and scared to spеak the truth
if you a real dude you make it clear who you talking to
real emcees go at it to see who fits the shoe
to see who heirs the throne

and if you wanna talk to me man i suggest you watch yah tone
once the beef starts its me and you alone
the light bulb on top my dome remains dim when i’m thinking
that’s right i don’t i took a shot of trone since then my worlds been spinning
i been sinning
i been on the pitch for a while like extra innings
i’ll put i fin to ya run like a president k!lling

i’m a delinquent infinite serial k!ller qualities on my resume
if you act soft my n*gga i’ll assume ya g*y
welcome to the real life you a f*cking cartoon like anime
yo i’m out this b*tch like where an ex stay
i’ll be at moe’s with my fire squad angry mob planning ambush on the candor