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lirik lagu quick verse – dskillz harris


[verse 1: dsk!llz harris]
first verse gets worse
put the beat in a he-rs-
so sick they gave me a nurse
i hit a l!ck for her purse
gift and a curse, ok
no way did he not do it, like o.j
turning the glove backwards
real representation, i am not an actor
bending the whole nation
i am not a rapper
more hostile and volatile, than apostles
who look like fossils, and preach the impossible
through any obstacle, but you follow who wears the cross
drinkin’ broth in a brothel lookin’ like asher roth
you get tossed inside out like kriss kross
while wayne layup in your wife like chris bosh
oh my gosh
young rappers, ain’t been this ill since, drake and josh
more like kenan and kel
bringin’ it back, so i know that i’m ringin’ a bell
like jamie foxx, did ll
extra cheesin’ for no reason, like dave chappelle
half baked, no mistakes, don’t care if i sell
trynna crack heads open, straight pokin’ your sh-ll
i think, i do a great job, i heard i’m doin’ it well. (x2)

(vocal sample)