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lirik lagu 4 leaf clover – dunson


my sister like 52, my sister 52, i tough i dedicated so
i left you piece i thought i let you know you make me strong
you told me how to be box in the back seat
on the way home from amazon and back on streets
that was capital heights, that was capital heights
mad if my ‘is strakes and rapping on mics
late night snap activities, 22 snagging that was fast activities
then you keep me from dance that was snap activities
didn’t know you were high from that crack activity
sh-ts on the window terrible decor
you’re up stay with your boy
sh-t, look i’m sorry you had to see it
plus you wear gl-sses and the fresher’s rebox
you star to jack it yeah you have the shall holy
so i got the juristic sound hold you on the ..sound
at the bus stop, every day i waited on you
you have my nephew at fourteen they hated on you
a hundred tears it never show up but i promise will get over
but right now i’m pressing off on your bas-m-nt
mama she is a jason cuz she’ve been missing payments
waiting for me to get a placement
sh-t, you’re a friend if i ever need one
and i can go blind, you’re a queen if i ever see one
scholar, scholar ship i got a division, three one
you show up at the game i was playing on like a d one
different father they call you my half sister
i never got that concept, i never got that contrite
sh-t, i waited to be half of how i am
or know how to sneak in the house like at two am
you’re the realest when you hit it, know i fees this
cuz of you, my struggles nothing new what you’ve been though
we can find a forty program and you ain;t even take it
cuz you just wanna see me shine, you just wanna see me make it
love you, yeah
that’s one for my big sister, that’s my hero
my sister like five too
i thought i dedicated some
i love you, i thought i let you know you make me strong
so i’mma put it in the pocket for you
i’mma put it in the pocket for you