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lirik lagu vile dialect – dzk


crash your church meeting with a murder, i’m a heathen
use the needle from the steeple to beat your deacon
i’ll leave cathedrals burning, before retreating
i’m worshipped as the evilest creature breathing

the mountain scaling alpha male, in heat
in breeding season, my weakest fetus, i eat
i been free, living deep in the wild
neglected as child, my dialect’s vile

i’m in a mask, stalkin the path of your muddy tracks after
that cash in your money bags
rappers clash – get m-ssacred, hacked with a bl–dy axe
splatter your funny -ss plasma

my speech is hazardous, malice i bring
through poetry, you know now, my ballad is the foulest thing
i walk around the outer edges of the galaxy
having never found something brave enough to challenge me

sleep at morgues, in freezer drawers
feed on corpse flesh that don’t bleed no more
i’m morbid… a war is being waged in my cortex
voices swarm my head like a h-rnets nest

the mad scientist – i electrify bodies
giving life to the dead – “rise, my zombies!”
behold — the unholy, unwise and ungodly
i control an army of rotting souls stomping

slithering worm-tongue speaking, a fiendish
sequence of little tricksy riddles in english
my spittle is greenish… poisonous as tree frogs
t–th black as oil, in the soil, deep in steam bogs

…dolls and kisses, crosses and wishes
will not save your children from claws of malignance
i draw with a quickness, daggers of scripted
jagged acidic chatter, of graphic depictions

upon my dresser, resting, the severed
head of the exorcist, dripping… is wretched
twisting, in bed with a wicked expression
witness the sickness of christian posession

legend’s predicted, in scriptures and lessons
from witches, wizards, mystics and rectors
the coming of the one, born human, but devilish
who, through his music, would over-throw the heaven-sent

and dismantle angelic antagonists
reaching deeper down into his ever-h-llish, bag of tricks
and pullin out of them, magic that annihilates
practicin witchcraft, in the blackened ash of fire lakes

violent hate made my heart as hard as slate
stirring in the dark, marred, my scarred face
is safe beneath armored plates, my targets quake
chased by a beast, chained leashed – it escaped!