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lirik lagu 40 – bad bitch – e


“bad b-tch”
(feat. stressmatic & droop-e)

[talking: e-40]
my n-gg- you see that sh-t?
n-gg- that b-tch thicker than… peanut b-tter in the freezer
n-gg- i’m try’na have that that b-tch mane
well put’chu bid than
n-gg- that right that b-tch right that’s a bad b-tch
that’s a bad b-tch

[hook: e-40]
that’s a bad b-tch mane that’s a bad b-tch
nah that’s a bad b-tch mane that’s a bad b-tch
that’s a bad b-tch mane that’s a bad b-tch
that’s a bad b-tch mane that’s a bad b-tch
i just want to dig her out
blow her coochie and back out
show her what i’m all about
bust a nut all in her mouth

[verse 1: e-40]
is she handling? yeah she handling
-ss like a southern country girl from grambling
she got yams, she got cakes
i’m try’na get mines off and check face
i’m not a trick i don’t treat
i talk slick i use my mouth piece
my name good in the streets girl i’m a beast
concrete from my head to my feet
fat boy but i’m good in the sheets
scorpio you better know it i’m a freak
now drop that captain and come and get with this
i’m serious as a heart problem girl i ain’t laughing
i met this afro american mix hispanic hoe
puerto rican chick love to cook and fungo
dunk so big you could play the bongos
got a drum roll booty thick juicy and jumbo

[hook: e-40]

[verse 2: stressmatic]
i’m on the punk rock broad with a tat on her throat
she breaking down the swishers so i know that she smokes
she prolly does c-ke but i don’t do c-ke
i’m old school babe like dbic on the ropes
b-tch i’m on like i’m so gone
hoes tell they partnas tj’s the bomb
bad -ss b-tch, tall and she’s thick
when you’re a rapper you can just pick
look into they eyes that i f-ck up they lives
all my lady friends are like the basketball wives
pretty -ss broads, nines and tens
i f-ck her and all of her friends
fresh out the store with some brand new gear
i just leave a couple shirts and tell the b-tch i live here
honest, i don’t ever make a hoe a promise
i’m finding off now, thomas

[hook: e-40]

[verse 3: droop-e]
droop-e, that b-tch is a problem
pretty face from heaven but she hot like lava
halle berry waist, -ss like shining
and she don’t play games (no) head like rihanna
i do it for the sport pull up in that new porsche
hatin’ cause i got more hoes than a golf course
droop-e, this sh-t ain’t new to me (negative)
coonary, she love me jewelry
take her to the loft get boss no cost
i’m a bay n-gg- baby, get with it or get lost
i been driving her crazy we can go round four
from the bed to the shower to the bed to the flo’
she say she a good girl but she seem so bad
wanna introduce me to her mom and dad
should i get married and let her into my chest
so just leave her dressed her white like a wedding dress

[hook: e-40]