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lirik lagu 40 – questions – e


(feat. droop-e)

[e] c’mon tiger, i’m finna take you to school
[e] up – put your seat belt on!
[d] dad are you a hustler?
[e] i guess you can say that, hustlin these records and tapes
[d] where you get all these revenues?
[e] hmm~! down and dirty about my scratch
[d] and dad, why you always mean muggin?
[e] i’m just tired of being stepped on son
[d] dad are you a gangster?
[e] i don’t know, some people seem to think so~!
[d] why you always carry that big ol’ gat?
[e] cause i’d rather be caught with than without
[d] dad – tell me why you killed that man! [echoes]