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lirik lagu 40 – they point – e


they point
(feat. juicy j & 2 chainz)

[hook x2: e-40]
every time i stop, hoes like look at him
every car i drive, n-gg-s want one of them
they pointin’, they pointin
they like dammmmmn
they pointin’, they pointin
they like dammmmmn

[verse 1: e-40]
like ricky ross, everyday i’m hustlin’
gettin’ off weight (like who?) jennifer hudson
pack a hammer, thor
shooter, score
slide through batches think i’m hecka rich
breakin’ necks, turnin’ heads like the exorcist
thumbs up like the like b-tton
eatin’ good, no rib touchin’
runnin’ with a bundle, never fumble
countin’ so much bread i got carpal tunnel
stock paint (from where?) maaco
beige, like a potato
they hate me on the outside, love me in the inside
suck me in the back seat while i let a friend drive
half a pound two stacks, half a unit 10-5
i stay out here by sully so you know a hustler been fly


[verse 2: juicy j]
my pockets some’n serious, mansion on a hilly
main that n-gg- got more cheese than a philly
shoelace tied but a n-gg- still trippin’
i’m lionel richie high, i’m dancin’ on the ceiling
never marry a hoes, i just marry checks
that’s how you stay on top, missionary s-x
rubberband business, know you heard of that
i got the town talkin, know you scurred of that
none less than ten figures, you know what i’m worth
record sales, show money, not including merch’
club full of b-tches, pocket full of franks
blunt full of weed, cup full of drank
me going raw dog, ain’t no way in h-ll
before i risk my life it be a cold day in h-ll
but b-tch take it off, here we go show and tell
and i’m f-ckin’ that p-ssy like i’m fresh out of jail


[verse 3: 2 chainz]
parallel park while i’m ghost riding
black diamonds man i’m racial profiling
i’m so fly man i need a co-pilot
so i might let your d-mn ho drive it
lil’ hair pullin’ man i like rough s-x
dropped out, i ain’t never p-ssed a drug test
you know my lingo baby let’s mingle
so i got a thousand dollars worth of singles
i got racks in the cargo of my camels
still, still won’t give her nathaniel
life a gamble so i had to make a bet
these ain’t air max but make a check
they took me out the streets but it’s still in me
i been sellin’ work since we had bill clinton
i’m the voice of the streets so they still listen
on the back of the milk carton, ceiling missing