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lirik lagu 02 – eaglebabel


la la la la
wait til i get my money right
and then the verses go “ohh-ohh-oh”
say chi-city, yeah you knooow
la la la la
wait til i tell my story, like
say chi-city, yeah you knooow
say chi-city, let’s goooo

[verse 1]
back in 02 we was rockin british knights and girbauds
boost mobiles and timbalands with missy in the stereo
power 92, house and footwork on the radio
fast-forward to now i’m thinkin “where we go?”
cycle memories around like merry-go
eagle eyes through the fog of confoundment ’round babel
a.k.a. eaglebabel
from a message in a bottle to battle
i’m f-ckin up the border like chicanos
watch my story reach the capital
that’s murder cap, capital c-h-i, comma i-l
the south chicago lake got us nauseous like oil spills
promise you give ol’ dude stress and a will
i bet he will go get an ulcer and a colt .45 to k!ll
torture of circ-mstance
walk with me on 75th and evans, 11pm in grand crossing
englewood, south sh0r-, avalon and the gardens
i ain’t takin my chances
hope i make it home like kansas, singin


me and chance from chatham
surreal when you middle-cl-ss and see n-ggas holdin
walk your alley with intentions to roast
cookin the dope or dopes who don’t heed streets
after larry hoover, n-gga, these n-ggas all over now
me and my brother watch gang signs, gotta watch our hands
and if we fightin, gotta wash our hands, boy
and if we sin, how do we make our amends?
imagine prayin to a god that you don’t believe in, boy
thugs snake you, posers tryna snake you
drill boys call you over, mean they gon initiate you
history, hatred, habit, access: that’s chiraq
yeah, chatham was safe, but i’ll be alpha when i have to
brother fought more than i did
bringin bl–dy fists home when our home ain’t the culture
still hold me to higher standards
get what you pray on like a vulture
get to college like you supposed to
get to cali, frank ocean
now i’m in cali, and boy i swear i got nostalgia ultra
homie ed told me he don’t want no golden boy blues
get your education, pick your vices ‘fore they pick you
avid smoker from the west side
said “bring me back some of that west coast buddha when you graduate from school”
hold me accountable like “only write for you
make that odyssey audible, regardless who it’s written to”
so n-gga, i’m written, livin’, and kickin’ proof
stick and move
yeah, my city is windy, but bet i got root
i’mma tell at least one story in my lifetime
chi-town to the bay
cosignin sides like lupe and dolla $ign
and if they cosign, that’s my sign it’s my time
write rhymes like bird-call and y’all call my hotline
tired of speakin in code
i’ll tell you cold like a winter in the city
where the rappers on the chorus go