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lirik lagu 40s – earl swavey


[hook: earl swavey]
(40s) tre pounds, i keep a ruger tucked
n-gg-s speakin of shootings that they ain’t even do with us
m-1s, ars, and the .223s
n-gg-s talkin good game, i don’t think they want beef (not at all)

[verse 1: earl swavey]
mind in the attic, lean got it in the bas-m-nt
boy that chopper give you face-lifts
segregate his head when the hollow or that k hit
yeah, outlines on the pavement
got piper tech, flippin lean on my day shift
these n-gg-s hating, it don’t make sense
see me out in traffic and these n-gg-s never say sh-t
banana clip oh i go ape sh-t
swear i need that money in a stack of old hundreds
double pack, watch in abundance
killing n-gg-s for -ssumptions
i knew that i had it coming
these n-gg-s more b-tch than womans
i tote in then i’ma blow it, that .40 ain’t for showin’ n-gg-

[verse 2: ad]
homie knows murder
says you hood neighbor cuz, you ain’t ever hurt her
lil homies bust a mission, big homies doing curls
need a couple lines, all my homies down to serve
we ain’t from the south but we got them two liters
wrong words out your mouth, we gon’ grab them two heaters
i’m a west side lantana block, two c-er
wanna play? [?] hoppin’ out the two seater, get it crackin’ cuz
all my athens and my millers, show a n-gg- love so a loc just had to kill it
swearin “blood, whatever you need cuz”
all my riders acting, we don’t ever mean mug
jump out and get your head bust, talkin’ like you bleeding
keep running at the mouth, be the last time you breathing
can’t hug your baby momma, have your momma all grieving
we ain’t with the false claim, this is real n-gg- season


[verse 3: earl swavey]
i keep a 40, dirty murray, i’m never lonely
a/c blowin in traffic, the heater on me
and if i’m whippin you knowin my feet are blowin
i bust a mich and i’m bustin the square in moments
giving you the business one time like i’m a mormon
these n-gg-s talkin’, i grill ’em like george foreman
40, got 30, that boston curry
fender of lincoln, that james worthy
i got a stick for you n-gg-s, ain’t never worried
got a m hat fitted it don’t stand for missouri, ooh
these n-gg-s talkin’ bout shootings, oh that sh-t cl-ssified
these n-gg-s askin’ me questions, boy you the fbi?