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lirik lagu molliwopped – earl sweatshirt



let’s be honest cause truthfully
at the rate i’m moving, you gonna to have to get used to me
this sauce is the weakest, tang and my three step
often rejected cause i reject the reject
garage band flow needs no reasoning
y’all n-gg-s tasteless, beef no seasoning
c4’s eating them proceed to the exit
ends with a l-y, starts with a s, yes
him without a winner is clark kent without a cleft chin
superman reference of how high i keep stepping
whoa, i go harder than standardized testing
bars on lock my developments arrested
i’m the bestest, on a bad day i spit asbestos
yeah, yes, impressive y’all steady coming in second
f-ck v-necks i’m the rapper to invest in
my flow ends recessions, i’m fresh as crest breath is
kay, i’m tryna tell you i’m superior
cardiac flow what you’re hearing in my material is heart
covered in ego, i freeze mcs zero degrees below
when it’s comes to alter-ego’s, i got at least four
but they the reason i’m always ready, listo
aight i’m sly-lingual, eyes on the prize, i’m fly make eyes twinkle
i been dope, put it on your grandmother’s wrinkles
chip on my shoulder like i’m dieting with pringles
i brush it off quick like h to the o-v
life is but a beach chair these n-gg-‘s folding