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lirik lagu still talkin’ – eazy-e


[baby cryin’, scary music, laughin’ voice . ]

good evening, and welcome to eazy’s playhouse,
you stupid m-th-f-ckaaaaaa!

[a low b-ss metal voice . ]

now that you got the alb-m,
what the f-ck are you gonna do with it,
b-tch b-tch b-tch b-tch …

eazily i aproach, the microphone because i ain’t no joke
tell your momma to get off of my tip
i have no time to give her my d-ck
i’m gonna hold it
and walk around the stage and
if you f-ck up i’m goin’ to get my gage and
unload the barrel and lough
’cause i’m puttin’ led in your mothaf-ckin’ -ss
psychopathic, but the ho’s are attracted
because when i’m on hard my d-ck’s at least a yard
in the days of old i was a nut
now i need at least 3 ho’s when i f-ck
’cause i do a check, nut 1 nut 2
then i save my nut for when there’s nothin’ else to do
you’re used to the crew, b-tch
’cause i would never quit
as soon as you think that’s it i’m still talkin’ sh-t

-=- cut -=-

i told you that n-gg- was crazy
e boy, that’s my boy, god-mnit

-=- cut -=-

i got a fable that you need to listen to
it’s a funky little rhyme about a b-tch or a two
one sharone and the other one shine
i want to nut but which one do i want?
shine said eazy let me f-ck you blind
and sharon said e i want to blow your mind
i said f-ck it, i know what should be done
just pull your panties down and i’ll f-ck the biggest one
and then i get the other p-ssy put it in the freezer
so i can always have a on-hold skeezer
get out to tick it, i do it like that
so i told the ho’s to take a big step back
took the zipper down, i’z wide and said
here’s what i’m gonna put inside
grab it like a rabbit, grab it let’s wreck it
but i won’t love you,
when i’m done i’d still be talkin’ sh-t …

-=- cut -=-

that boy’z good
yeah that boy’s good
that mothaf-cka’z talkin’ all kinds of sh-t
i used to get p-ssy like eazy here and every day
you’re mothaf-ckin’ lyin’
how you know i’m mothaf-ckin’ lyin’?
you’re lyin’, your d-ck can’t get hard .
oh, suck my d-ck mothaf-cka
n-gg- you lied
who you’re talkin’ to.?

-=- cut -=-

dre: wait a minute, wait a minute, cut that sh-t,
hey yo yella boy! let’s rewind it!

-=- cut -=-

n-gg-z don’t see i’m a 100% legit
and you know it ain’t about all that bullsh-t
it’s about f-ckin’ this b-tch and that b-tch
but not the b-tch with the 7 day itch, like that ho’
just throwin’ me the p-ssy
she says she wants to do it like a doggy
she’s bad, n-body is badder
but she got more crabs than a seafood platter
b-tch on the gang move, to skizz me
just to say “i got f-cked by eazy”
so i slapped the ho’ like a pimp
i might be a women-beater but i’m not a p-ssy-eater
so when the sh-t hits the fan it’s outta my mouth
you don’t like what i’m talkin’ about
all of ya’ll can just suck my d-ck
you can quote me now ’cause i’m still talkin’ sh-t .

-=- cut -=-

the boy’s good, i told you the boy’s good
the n-gg- has talent
you don’t know a d-mn thing
yeah, i like that part, bring that sh-t back one more time, maestro
i can do the bagaloo
that old sh-t did’nt play out in 1967 …
hey f-ck you, f-ck you .