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lirik lagu #uc8contest – echo (956)



n-body in the undaground by chopping at the pace like echo, but then there’s echo
so many people suffered the sock in the mouth whenever imma be changing the face of rap like a motha frickin gecko
giving up a disease, cause i’m as sick as the brain
rocking the tracks and going full throttle like a train
coming and bringing a real chopper back in the moment all the way till he’s back in this frickin game
i’m not even in it, this bomb can explode at any minute
maybe even seconds, the times weren’t even caught
you gotta have the sk!ll coming upon this track
for the people who say “what is that?”
imma get em with the speed, not even i can know how fast i go but people wanna hear chopping so-
5, 4, 3, 2-
taking a beat and turn it up all the way, chopping a beat made by sprite
to that i shout a bit cause i’m gonna stay chopping the devil i say
i’m coming and breaking the beat gotta be the one who’s gonna have the heat, stepping up in the game
i kinda wanna be as sick as the beat, giving away a brain full of venom
my n-gg-s wanna be coming back for more after i send em, dabbing a bit of the best in this special sauce
yall n-gg-s can’t even afford what i cost and that’s nothing
i’ve bene taught by splytsecond aka the lyrical ak-ma
if you’re messed up better believe he’ll renew ya
chopping the bears so fine it’ll cut you just by looking
i see the smoke but it’s only the beat that’ll be cooking
savour the devil stopping the tracks, severed the people sipping a bit of what the property lacks
chopping is the place where you step up your game, you gotta be stacking yourself til you’re not even lame
trapping the beats, i gotta go get it like an ak-47
speed ain’t everything but it is for now, jacking a jacket a pickle will be chewed begging to be screwed
skipping and breaking up the town, i’m gonna be able to go till i leave you all like