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lirik lagu 30 on me freestyle – ecoys


yeah, i got a 40 on me
try yo luck
all my n-ggas loaded, yea they loaded with them bucks


i get to spazzin on they -ss (get to spazzin)
i shoot that glock, got them n-ggas runnin fast (pew pew pew pew)
i keep that 30 on me and it boutta blast (it boutta blast)
blast yo -ss right to the past (to the past)
you know i gotta keep my glock
i jam that glock up and i aim it at yo top
yeah, aim it for yo fitted (for yo fitted)
ay, all my n-ggas winnin, we winnin

we ch-ssin h-lla bags yeah we gettin to them bands (to them bands)
freaky little b-tch, told that b-tch take off her pants (take off yo pants)
and im k!llin h-lla n-ggas, put that n-gga in a trans
oh, wait, oh b-tch thats yo mans (oh thats yo mans)

[verse 2]
ay, ay, i dont give no f-ck (give no f-ck)
i jam that glock up yeah i jam that toolie up (pow pow!)
you get to spazzin on me might just have to truck
yeah, wait, pull up, bentley truck (skrr skrr!)
yeah, gotta truck a n-gga
im oh vaying traffic so i gotta them triggas (keep them triggas)
and all my n-ggas loaded yeah we posted with them jiggas (with them jiggas)
and all my n-ggas loaded yeah we keep that f-ckin pistol (pew pew!)
yeah we jammin up
runnin round, b-tch i got that stamina (got that stamina)
all my n-ggas loaded up and my n-ggas will jam it up
(wait, yeah, holdup, if you woah)

[verse 3]
i said i might just have to move around
smokin h-lla gas, i be smokin h-lla pounds
yeah im mobile watchu need, i got h-lla rounds
b-tch i got h-lla pounds
i got h-lla rounds
aimin for yo top
aim it at yo face, n-gga you is a disgrace
yeah, im movin up
and when im with my gang you know we toolied up
and when im with my squad you know we keep them bucks (keep them bucks)
all these f-ckin blue hunnids give me cuts (they give me cuts)
and if you try me boy you know you test yo luck
because i always keep that stick i keep that buck (pow pow!)

yeah, all these n-ggas softer then a b-tch, they wanna talk
just talk it out
thats why i gotta keep a glock, with a hundred rounds
and if the n-gga wanna try me he can come to town

yeah, i go to town up on this hoe
i go to town up on her waist (up on her waist)
f-ck around, i might just nut on her face (uh)
all these n-ggas hatin on me, boy you out of sp-ce (uh)
boy get out my sp-ce, boy just get up out my face (ay)

oh, you see me
ay, thats why yo b-tch she wanna feel me
yo b-tch she wanna feel me