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lirik lagu 0.26 (bladefucked) – eden synthetic corps


i’ll take your eyelids out
i’ll f-ck you in the skull
i’ll shoot your useless brain out
i’ll f-ck you in the hole

look at me while you still have those beautiful eyes
i’ll take them out and give your new boyfriend a nice surprise

i’ll bladef-ck your heart baby
i’ll have you while you’re pr-ned
i’ll break your legs before
you suck me like a wh-r-

scream out loud while your throat is clean and dry
you’ll look all cl-ssy with your brand new colombian necktie

you’ll get bladef-cked
i’ll bleed you dry, i’ll even f-ck your soul
i’ll show you why i gave you the main role
your man will be here, i’ll call him on the phone
i’ll bathe in red, i’ll break his every bone

hush now wh-r-
everything around you turned to silence
hush now wh-r-
every touch you craved for turned to violence