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lirik lagu new life – edward iii


[verse 1]
i know things don’t make sense yet
but they will soon
yeah, your scares on your mind
heal with time, i assure you
so you push and you pull your problems away
one of those is me
i understand if you wanna leave
just be honest with me
it’s a new life

it’s a new life
it’s a new life

[verse 2]
i had this picture of us in my mind
you were my partner facing the fire
now things have changed
you moved away
found interest in different things other than me
but you made a promisе
and didn’t keep it
pushed it away and decided to lеave it
so don’t say that you really didn’t care
cause you really did
[drop 2]
things*th*th make sense yet
they will soon (soon soon soon)
it’s a new life
it’s a new life

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