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lirik lagu fire water – edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros


fire water

you in the light of god
you know love sees us
i am sending you all of my love
oh won’t you feel it
love goes ahead, love goes behind us
love is within, and love will guide us
and i’d sure like it if you shine your light
and let your love rain like water

[instrumental break]

river of love, lord god are turning
fire and water, i am still learning
some say the river wont flow, the river gonna go run dry now
but i know the rivers gonna flow, never really go run dry now
we all been ridin in a river of love
“the river won’t go dry lord!”

[instrumental break]

i know yeah we are still learning
oh to we’re light, we’re all returning
my love the god is a reflection
we’re two, we’re one
we are each other
thank god we’re home
thank god your home
we’ll free your heart, yeah free your heart
oh what makes us see you father down the river
to a place we’ve not yet not yet gone
and i sure like it, if you shine your light.