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lirik lagu uncharted – edwin mccain



i was born here, it’s my carolina.
thought i knew the lay of the land.
i want to show you the moment of flight,
the smell of the suckle blooms deep in the night,
it used to be home but it doesn’t feel right without you.
uncharted carolina.

i was born here, it’s my california.
thought i knew, the lay of this land.
want you to come where the heat and the humor is dry,
dreams are sent up to a cool blue sky,
i picture you here and i’m lookin at my
uncharted california.

we could live here, in uncharted carolina,
we could live here in uncharted california.
i wish you could see what this place is to me,
i could show you the moments of my memories,
and all of my family so happy to see you.
i understand why you’re wanting me there,
i would make it so perfect if you let me tear you away,
bring you to me, find a home.

home, uncharted carolina/california
uncharted carolina/california
uncharted carolina/california.

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