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lirik lagu 19 freestyle – eeveeflexed



(we love you eevee)

[verse 1: eeveeflexed]

ran up a mill and i had to pull them racks out (out out)
bad b*tch pull up she gone throw that ass out now (nowww)
and b*tch i’m a ballin’ star i came to spaz out (out out)
(yea yea) for the clique i’ma hold it down (downnn)
poppin beans i can’t sit down
i wanna make my momma proud
designer down when i’m popping out (outttt)
you used to dub me wow i bet you feel like a dummy now (nowww)
its okay cause i just f*ck them rackies now (yuh!)
yeah you sleepin on your momma’s couch
i remember i was sixteen i had to walk it out
now i’m 19 big body hard to park it now (skrt skrt)
i don’t wanna look at you no i don’t wanna talk it out
talk it out, like what the f*ck you talking about?
you only came around when you saw this sh*t was working out
working out, i only hit you up for the mouth
i skrt off beamer than i’m drifting out (outtt)