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lirik lagu resolution – einbaer


i dont know where to go
without an aim i go
and in the end i still don’t know
[know x10]
how do i figure this out?
i just don’t wanna go out
feel like yelling out loud

new years came by
i’ve got resolutions to try
not gonna lie
they will be hard to apply
new years came by
i’ve got resolutions to try
if i won’t try
i might just die off some high
so close to the end i lost motivation
and don’t even get me started on aspiration
i will not get by, by doing what i love
realizing that feels way too f*cking rough
[no] where do i even [go]
[f*ck] am i just way too [slow]
[i tried] i just wanted to [know*know*know*know]
[woah] i still have so much to show [show*show]

i used to know who i did this for
but now i feel like i am ignored
i silently leave through the backdoor
feeling bad i did not have more in storе
struggling to come up with some sh*t
if i didn’t make you into it
thеn i wonder “was it worth it?”
just admit or tell me to quit it

of people who are ignorant
being pressured right in to it
and don’t ask me how much i f*cking hated it

repeating self*doubt
need to get it out
close to a burnout
think i’m ’bout to shout
[it’s about to get loud]
i somehow need to turn this f*cking voice off
it’s putting me the f*ck off
makes me scream at the top of my lungs
i’m angrily mashing up all the drums
relief, this is the wrong way to get out of grief

i’m so f*cking p*ssed from the how the f*ck i perceive
there are too many times where i don’t think i’ll achieve
anything that i’m really hard trying to believe in
in the end i can’t even come up with a conclusion

re*so*lu*tion x6
running right into confusion
re*so*lu*tion x6
never got to a conclusion

stuck for way too long
on finding what’s wrong
this song is to show
that i’m real down low

*breaking down in form of vocal chops*
[pls give me a break]