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lirik lagu heart blisters – ekwesco


i wasn’t ever meant to have a sister
i got some interior heart blisters
i feel angelic breath inside the wind as it whispers
i’m praying for blessings of her presence as if it’s christmas
if god has this in his plans, then tell me why he ditched ’em
another child lost, broken happiness and stigma
i’m pacing in my room as i shout up at the big one
she had so much potential, now a broken enigma
i used to pray to you at night & even read the scripture
so why can’t you give me what i asked & please don’t k!ll her?
my heart has been impaled, you just saw it as a splinter
evidence, my parents got back together, they hinted
a couple clues that another life would be beginning
started dropping bands on car seats, expensive
got a little brother instead & he’s a trickster
used to want a sis, okay with a little mister
hard-headed blonde boy, biggie barely listens
first part of his life, i was like his villain
but then i figured out my protection i gotta give him
cause he’s a little mini-me, doesn’t care for fishing
but loves expressing what’s on his mind as he whistles
don’t gotta tell my mother i love her, i’m out the picture
always on some other sh-t, in my face tripping
when we ain’t talking she m.i.a. in mississippi
steady take prescriptions acting like she’s disfigured
somewhere down the line i guess my father lost his stencils
f-ggot chose a woman over blood, it was simple
calling me a racist name ’cause i move my pencil
f-ck a father figure for the farthest man from cripple
when you see me out in public don’t be throwing gestures
put you hands on a woman you’re p-ssy, should be injured
just think of what you did to my mama, catching them critters
dad got me mad, dude tell me why you did this
you’re supposed to be my homie, you’re a big b-tch
slit both wrists just listening to disses
you ditch your kids when you’re dry and your d-ck itch
cause you gon’ see the f-cking day i wreak my vengeance
and that’s a promise, i’ll serve you with a quickness
stomped out by your son just for talking sh-t, b-tch
take another shot, tell everybody my business
i ain’t coming back because you showed your true position
act the way you want about me trying to burn some bridges
but till i get p-ssed off, they never gave a f-ck to fix it
b-mping missy elliot & shady when i’m tempted
to run up on a lovely pregnant lady just to kick her
dead lives matter, they don’t care if you’re living
i’m ruffling feathers, no disrespect but f-ck your feelings
i’m spending 95% of every day i’m living
to try to create a vision original and brilliant
cogon bay