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lirik lagu 4:45 (freestyle) – elatt


[intro: elatt]
uhm okay so it’s 4:42 now, and i’m tryna do this freestyle, tryna do it in one take, so the plan is to finish at 4:45, yh. so yh imma go. so in case some words don’t sound clear, it’s probably the reason why. alright, leggo

mix the feelings with the henny
mix the henny with the goose
this kinda pain is never friendly and
we could do with any booze
and all these n-gg-s tryna tempt me and
they be talking number 2
but i am blessed and evidently
my n-gg- i will never lose
your chick is fine like a ticket
and she be liking all my pictures
but my ex-girl getting thicker
so i’m about to reconsider
45 degrees and i feel i’m getting sicker
feel like 45 feet and i’m only getting bigger
i got 45 beats with my words on like a scripture
you need 45 weeks if you ever wanna catch up
a fortified n-gg-, you need 4 to 5 n-gg-s
if you’re tryna put me down, you need 45 triggers
i just checked my bank account, it got 4 to 5 digits
i got 4 to 5 n-gg-s that need 45 b-tches (oh lawd)
and them boys are persistent
the whole squad rebels now they call em the resistance
you rap that fake sh-t, we ain’t speaking we ain’t listening
your hoe loves my d, now i’m calling her a piston
and like reggie i’ll be balling for my team
its pg for you rappers it’s as scary as it seems
the thunder don’t like me, i’m way too loud
it’s ironic so i got myself a drummer that is mean
coldest team, the subzero squadron
vroom vroom all we do is speed then we pop sh-t
suicide doors, no keys f-ck a locksmith
so fly now i got to live in a c-ckpit
look, i could rap about how the cops killing blacks every night, pray they stop it
look, i could rap about how her mama lose her life cause of cancer now her hearts ripped
look, i could rap about how he got a broken heart cause the girl never liked him
look, i could even make a tape about god, these n-gg-s still won’t like it
all they wanna know bout is money, drugs and hoes
proly sell they’re f-cking soul just to rock some ice and gold
i’m just tryna gain control of the talents that i own
all the seeds that i dun sown
it’ll grow and imma blow
sell arenas, sell out shows
take my mama out the coast
get my sis a brand new boat
get my dad like 2 of those
buy a house then i will ghost
come to past the sh-t i spoke
as i’m laying down this flow
n-gg- all i wanna know is
who dey rap p-ss me? huh?
who’s the best on the streets?
i challenge any rapper, any mc that can spit
imma be that pallbearer, place your casket in a pit
then imma spit, how’s that for respect
i ain’t rapping to be good, b-tch i’m tryna be the best
psalm 44 verse 5, the summary of my verse
it’s 4:45 put this beat up in a he-rs-