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lirik lagu 3rdeye – elijah amir


3rdeye {iïi} :

this what a n-gga sound like, when he was hated all his life…
til his life’s turned something to envy…
through all the vice of all the sins that tempt me
throughout my lows, somehow i’m still ascending…
through the valley of the darkest ending…
at the end, my name seen on the credits
crystal clear was guided by the tarot
conceit from much more than my appearance

the more i rise, more friends turn to foes…
more ex hoes mad, that i’m f-cking centerfolds
told the truth in every word i spoke, since a youth i knew i was the goat
independent these days, what i’m penning these days..
got n-ggas on edge, trip, tripping these days..
divide the game, like b-lls or cameltoes…
let my d-ck swing low, so u know what i hold..
n-ggas fake as sh-t, and eye see through it…
like they made of gl-ss, i might shatter one
n-gga, half these n-ggas, that’s close to ya…
only close to ya, to keep tabs on ya…
on they web browser, with they googles on ya..
tryna get to know ya, cause you’ve outgrown em
i don’t need another head by my scr-t-m..
all this head got my d-ck looking like a totem…
my degree of pedigree is equal to a king
decree i’m royalty, my home team supreme..
banging down the block, hear me on the scene…
dap me when u see me, out living my dream..
me and my guys go out and get it..
steady mobbin with it, when they riding with me
with the odds against us, we be moving through
it’s like a mosh pit how n-ggas pushing thru…

iii came up
iii paid dues
brought all my n-ggas wimme
iii stayed tru

all the sh-t
you was talking…
i ain’t forget…
now that i made it…
get off my d-ck….

lately i been on some other sh-t..
attaining sh-t, they never thought i could
reaching out of my comfort zone
can’t be content, i never had a home
and now atop the throne…
i set my foot in stone
wrote these words in song, and then suh it go
k!lled my ego off and now the gods be talking through my intuition..
light be shining thru
heal a haters hatred with my humble mood..
bonding with my girl through life path tattoos..
reaping what’s been due, since i had left the womb
to emerge from the cocoon like a flower in bloom

iii came up
iii paid dues
brought all my n-ggas wimme
iii stayed tru