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lirik lagu 1 am – elijah kyle


yeah it’s when i am i’m celebratin’ the release of my album
took a shot this deppresion feelin’ stuck like i’m malcolm
and now i still constantly compare myself
the more successful artist it’s an overwhelming
psychically even though i try my hardest
my brothers tell me not to do it
but it’s different ’cause i made it
and i’m stuck inside the 9 to 5
the movement is growing
and now forever grateful
thinking back to rolling stone
i was happy just to even get a play it too
i never thought that people would care about what i say
i knew i had a story and many people were [?]
we claim that no one understands
but millions did with all this pain
life is all about the way you overcome or you have face
pay attention to the ones who clap when you are winnin’
many love the underdog until you’re something bigger
figger foes stay watching every move that you make
pay attention to the ones who smile right in your face
but wouldn’t even have your backup
they weren’t there in the first place
second class rappers wouldn’t give me a verse
aye, but sh*t i’m done holding grudges
i just elevate drop it, support the fan behind the yellow tape
as year ‘fore i am, am i visioning as it changes?
and i’m done making statemens
and ’til i see the statement
court of life crisis
court of million on my nightstand
speaking to existence on the right to my own plans
21 now yeah i’m blessed to see another year
but every candle that i gain
i spark it, and it disappears
i think that it’s time to take a break to explore the world
because my life [?] constracted pains to the world
now f*ck it i’ma drop it until they know the name