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lirik lagu 1 year of yotbe – elitepixel


last yeast me got a honda sub in a singe week
last ear me manged 2 get myself in a bit of leaf
me maek song wit jamy ma came men
and me join elite after leavin hype clan’
me done a challenge and it were literally

and on my birthday it were anything but icy
least year me caused a bit of a catsatpatry
and me say
weyal know da universe is bigger dan teh galaxie

last year me maek dat distrack
and someone leaks on me
and me learn t 2 tell no one my secretz

then me say f*ck u way 2 much
but it got me submarines
last year me hired and fired a untrustworthy manager
then she tried 2 diss me, armature

then me lost my thumb nail and logan poll stole it

then galaxy maek up a bunch of stupid b

yeah still famly frendy
last year
me maek a buncha mean a buncha mean friends
and then last year ends
me mean
there is allot of stuf me will say
but me wrode this in half a hore
so its teh best me will so
yeah so ill se u guys later
and happy birthday 2 my chanel