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lirik lagu 1. 4. 98 – elliott smith


you’ll make the scene like you always do.
goin’ upstream down the ave. to f-ck some
trophy boy that you’ll win tonight at the bar.
so bad, so far. you’ll make him sad, shooting star.
when it was me, i was mementarily proud;
full of dreams now i’m glad
i didn’t say out loud, hoping you’d be for real
when i don’t believe that you are.
so bad, so far. you make me sad, shooting star.
distant and cold and a sight to behold.
everybody sighs. no one gets on
with you very long, ‘cus you don’t feel bad
when you lie.
i’m goin’ to sleep now,
which i guess would be step 1.
step 2 is where i can deal with the thing
you’ve just done.
it won’t be soon, to say the least it’s gonna
be hard.
so bad, so made me sad, shooting star.