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lirik lagu odd man out – elric walker


when the streets are full of violence
when the land is full of lies
when a good man can still walk abroad
but only in disguise

when the truth is like a bad dream
that no one ever talks about
you’ll find its easy to get lonely
when you’re the odd man out

when no one seems to know you
when every face is hard
when there’s footsteps in the hallway
hound dogs barking in the yard

when your back is to the wall
you hear the madman shout
you’ll be guilty ’till proven innocent
when you’re the odd man out

when your heart is bruised and broken
when you cry unceasing tears
when the warnings that you’ve spoken
have fallen on deaf ears

when the ones you’ve come to love
dismiss you with a pout
you’ll have to carry your own cross
when you’re the odd man out

it’s hard to find a helping hand
in the valley of the d-mned
o your faith will come and go

and if your love should be waylaid
and your confidence betrayed
you’ll be the last one to know

when the saints are all in prison
when the devil wears the crown
when there’s gaurds at every exit
and there’s no way out of town

when all the decks are stacked
but the outcome is still in doubt
you can look for the wild card
in the hand of the odd man out