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lirik lagu the apocalypse – emcee alp


(emcee alp)
i got a propane to explode in your head
you gonna regret for not being dead
well,you have to remember what i said!
jesus freezes and the god smacked him
for his decisions,the wind breezes
sorta having some kinda diseases
getting mad,being sad
makes people f*cking dead
and cause the school shooting
like a mothaf*ckin outlaws they always looting
by the way im reloading
my mothaf*ckin clip
man,f*ck the pistol grip
i dont need that sh*t
stop showing me your gimmicks
i gotta do some remix
to stop these polemics
eugenics and the epidemics
how can i fix
watching matrix
since i was six
now i have mad tricks
this is the apocalypse
our apocalypse
not an moon eclipse
the cursed ships
their bl**dy lips
our apocalypse
and you can never ever stop it
even if u want it
cuz this is not formally legit
running out of health kit
and there is no more verse to spit
it’s like god trying to avoid people
about christ
and they scared about being iced
we are looking for some allies and supplies
time flies when u have strong family ties
otherwise,you will blind your own eyes
and that’s gonna be our apocalypse
the apocalypse…
and you can never ever stop it…