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lirik lagu 12 days of diss-mas – eminem


1. “hit ’em up” by 2pac (ft. outlawz)
2. “diss fe liar” by yz
3. “real m-th-ph-ckkin g’s” by eazy-e (ft. b.g. knocc out & dresta)
4. “the b-tch in yoo” by common
5. “f-ck compton” by tim dog
6. “f-ck wit dre day (and everybody’s celebratin’)” by dr. dre (ft. jewell, rbx & snoop dogg)
7. “no vaseline” by ice cube
8. “f-ck tha police” by n.w.a
9. “jack the ripper” by ll cool j
10. “10% dis” by mc lyte
11. “roxanne’s revenge” by roxanne shanté
12. “the bridge is over” by boogie down

– honorable mentions:
13. “wack m.c.’s” by del the funky h-m-sapien

– bonus track:
14. “your life’s on the line” by 50 cent