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lirik lagu 11 – emm


11 lyrics

back in my face
draining my time
like i give a f-ck if i am on your mind
you put the “-ss” in -ssume, mmm

show up at my place
buzzing the gate
whatever bait you think that i will take
but i don’t care what you’re trying to prove

no bad love!
you love too late
i don’t even hear what you say
you love two faced
now i’m seeing double baby
your loss my gain
bad love don’t change
now i know better babe
no bad love!

post chorus
boy your loving is too late, too late x4
no bad love!

you had a chance
lucky for you!
no wonder you miss me
i’m a lot to lose
keep me out of your head

pre chorus
trying to do what’s already done
now that you’re here i’m already gone
no longer is, it only was
don’t want no bad love

post chorus