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zebra - emperor j lyrics


yo talk about holding it down
my n*ggas loyal
i’m ice cold on flows
my bars come like frozone
their listening as i step
i think these bruddas are on one
dem n*ggas eating bullets from a foot long

yo man bl!cked him
part with his p’s like brexit
come for the p’s then exit
come with the flows like dipset
they struggle with their lines like pickney pickney
back of the block they cheffed him
p*ss out the 9 it gets gold like sh*llings
how she wanna chat like that can fix me
back in his days he would have flipped like

yo man spoke with jesus black is where my feet is
i bucked him on his head and made him bleed is he dizzy
is he mugging off my sh*t
im getting money i don’t care
and we can speak when he gets his ps up
i told these n*ggas u get fed

yo i’m real doggy on a violent ting
i told him i’ll be back and it got violent quick
you get quick with this fl!cky
body gets pilling quick
when i’m rolling on my ones
n*ggas get silent quick
deep this mandem preeing like their groupies
got them on their fours i can see the hate dripping
you talking all that sh*t ? lemme know you f*cking victim
you ain’t eyeing all this sh*t
i deeped the cyst in the system
i’m the dawg
we don’t give a f*ckkkk
huhhh uhhh uhhhh (x2)

dem man f*ck with the pigs
don’t lie
six in the am i see u hanging with the five p

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