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lirik lagu good day – endzwell


yea yea!
let me see you clap your hands
you know we had to give em some of that feel good music right?
its almost summertime in canada again!
yea, uh
weathers warming up

we’re gonna have a good day
and all my homies gonna ride today
and all these mommies look fly today
and all we wanna do is get by today
we’re gonna have a good day
and ain’t n0body gotta cry today
cause ain’t n0body gonna die today
save that drama for another day
heyyy we’re gonna have a good day

[verse 1:]
good morning sunshine, your burning my eyes
crack a window feel the breeze outside, i feel alive
ain’t a single worry on my mind add a touch of cologne
im out the door and im ready to ride
hit up timmies drive thru for that fresh roast
bumpin pac in the whip on my west coast
like before he had that thug life tatted on his chest
feelin blessed thanking god that he put me in this mess
i got 99 problems being fly ain’t one
spread my wings like an air force one
and get high as the sun
im looking out for the people i love
so every day is a good day bring heaven to us


[verse 2:]
and i’m pickin up my beauty queen
with no make up, she’s something out a movie scene
level headed with a good self-esteem
sometimes i think i might have found her in a dreams
she said take me anywhere, just you and me
i got something for you so i pick up speed
now we at the beach and the sand at our feet
and our clothes start comin off, water gets deep
we keep each other afloat, she gives me reason for hope
and is the rope to my anchor tryna hold down the boat
cause the way life goes n0body wants to be in it alone
good days are better with the ones you know


[verse 3:]
my homie mikey hit me up on the galaxy
tellin me hes had enough of his balcony
he needs to get out, his brain needs a spark
im like hmm.. barbeque in the park?!
oh yah! bring the liqour and beer
i got the weed and the grille in my trunk right here
call the boys up, tell em bring burgers n buns
come get high and drunk and well all have fun
it’s been a long couple months, yup, but summers here
not a cloud in the clear blue sky appears
my good day got better turn to the best all year
and its all goin down with my friends here