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sunsteal - engored bequeathal lyrics


ah yeah, moonpay you a b*tch
you took my while i was tryna gamble it away
i have a lot of money to bet through the night, but you took it away
i was just gonna chill with my friends, but you’re
give me my money back
i want it back now not 10 days
i want it now motherf*cker, go down on a motherf*cker
if you dont give it now then ill beat mimi

yeah, he talking bout mimi, but im gonna touch his wiwi
when i see moonpay, im jerking on it peanits
seeing my boys peanits makes me hard and it doesn’t matter cause i saw moonopay
pay, all day, all day i was happy till i saw what happened
tryna gamble with my boys, tryna gamble with they toys
tryna play with toys like d*ld*s in choppers b*tt
all the way up, cause you know we’re getting f*cked

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