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lirik lagu envy* 2099 – envy* (group)


yo this sh-t sucks dude, such a rip off..

mr. manager shiayo:
are you having a bad day?

don o’deelio:
shut up mom!
wait.. wait wait wait
how the f-ck, is my mom, in this f-ckin sp-ceship
in the middle of a f-cking andromeda, in a f-ckin galaxy?!

mr. manager shiayo:
are you depressed, lonely, alienated, misunderstood, under-appreciated
or you simply have a low mental capacity (yo how the f-ck?!)
then we have the perfect solution, no wonder we have no friends
is a frequency based, post-apocalyptic, galaxy-splitting, sonically abusive waveform
with a mental moshpit spoor
it is scientifically proven by a research group, based from a faraway land
in a faraway university, of a faraway continent, from a faraway section of the orbit
also known as earth
it doesn’t cure your depression, but as the cool kids used to say (esket-t)
may amplify side effects such as, cussing, swearing, constant grudge against the elderly
depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being past-delusional, serious trauma, major mental disorder
anxiety, std’s, cooties, and no one will eventually f-ck with you
happiness sold separately

maliboo: wow..

don o’deelio: could’ve swear that was my mom..