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lirik lagu sometimes i cry – eric benet


“sometimes i cry”

[verse 1]
two years since you walked away from me
since all of our scattered dreams
were just thrown away
i’m finally gettin back to what i used to be
share my pain with my family
think i’m on my way

i can sleep at night,
i don’t reach for you when i wake up
but it’s taken some time
i can live my life
without praying that we could make up
i’m movin on, i’m feeling strong inside

[chorus 1]
but sometimes i cry, babe
when i’m all alone
with this heart of mine
sometimes i cry, babe
although you’ve been gone
for a long, long time

[verse 2]
heard you’re moving in with someone new
i hope all your dreams come true
and you’ll both be happy, yeah

been long enough for me to take a look around
i’ve met a girl, we’ve been hangin out
she’s been good for me

but when we’re makin love
she don’t take me there like you used to
and it hurts when i lie (when i lie baby)
help me understand how to push you out,
forget you and let you go,
cuz lord knows i’ve tried, yeah

[chorus 2]
but sometimes i cry, babe
been at all that hurtin
for a long, long time (yes, i have babe)
sometimes i cry, babe
ain’t nothin workin
for this pain of mine

i’ll just have to fake it
until i can make it
there’s a smile on my face, yeah
but i’m broken inside

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