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lirik lagu 001 – ericbakoua #ericb


i’ve been in this sh-t like 6 year
but still remember the old days
i use to rock that bc
born in b-tow in war time
97 n-ggas supposed to die but i run this sh-t like a g
king still day one

raise in porvety in pointe noir
i left my mom in b-tow daddy f-ck out
to find better life better sh-t
france was the better b-tch
ain’t no trying to f-ck up yall sh-t
just came to run up y’all sh-t
that what auntie told me how she raised me
learn what i learn
learn what i have to learn take what i deserve earn what i earn with all i lost
many things behind me now
all of my g-p back to the ground
rest in peace y’all
grand-son gon’ do y’all honor
my time is now