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lirik lagu 30 000 feet – ershaw the rabbi


intro: ershaw the rabbi
shout out
shout out to kayinima records
play me close
it’s ersh at 30 000 feet
kayinima records (it’s ersh)

verse 1:ershaw the rabbi
my greatness is resipricareted by no one
only the chosen know why they are called on
made a mistake trusting n-ggas that fold on
money talks facts that god can’t control son
let’s take a hold on the youth on my phone son
want aprivate life on islands
we roll one
for my grandma who knew why we should hold on
record label masters me and kuuulz own son
mix/master phases
legal moments never wasted,
contracts should never contrast our savings
d-mn it feels amazing knowing we gonna’ get millions from our patients
no more eating wafers
chef double down on our makings
6 star everything we tasting
new levels when we f-cking make it
speak up if you’re f-cking hating
p-wns get a real f-cking placement
but execution is exemplary for you f-cking traitors
ershaw the rabbi the real saviour x2

chorus: ershaw the rabbi
my greatness is resipricareted by no one x 6
only the chosen know why they are called on

verse 2: ershaw the rabbi
back back like i never left
backcooking like the f–king chef
n-ggas waiting on me and i see it
n-ggas waiting on me and i see it
n-ggas waiting on me for a feature
n-ggas leaching
i ain’t budging,
i be coming through for all of this real sh-t
in all of these galleries
pallet me
p-ssive me
tell me please
momma look at me and i gotta change
everything that these n-ggas is looking
i ain’t go f-ck with them
oh you see? (stabbed me in the back for petty raps)
snakes in the gr-ss
got em all fast
n-ggas in my past h-lla f–king mad
i be looking at them
why the f–k you did that man?
stabbed me in the back for petty raps
what the f-ck is that?
you think you got everything man?
i’m the realest n-gga from the south side see
i got h-lla pride
dreadlocks climbing
(lyrics fade out)

outro: ershaw the rabbi
my greatness man, i been inside studio for a long time, and i had to listen to mfs tell me that they be the greatest of all time and sh-t but n-ggas ain’t on that timeless sh-t
i’m a young south african boy born in soweto deipkloof zone 4, actually meadowlands, ndofaya and im representing a group of kids who don’t know where the f-ck they should stand you know?
i’m tryna be a giant amongst lil peep squeek -ss rappers and n-ggas think that i’m hating?
i fathered your greatnest, ain’t no time for me to be patient