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lirik lagu melancholy – ershaw the rabbi


verse 1: ershaw the rabbi

i speak in codes like moses with the fetes
i emailed chester for a beat
the internet connects in seconds
your dreams accomplished overseas
they think the they understand a g
local boys fight for local spots am aiming for
international seals
my goals are inconceivable real
complex made simple in a ripple without the use of the flow in
triples young mc’s get crippled
even j. cole overdosed on the post of the most low bostful now his cup runty over
i stop on the bottle and fondled with the green council
vendettas i asettle
you’re a mere vessel
i’m the easce to gods presence
the efaverseice of the fountions of youth neglection
i ain’t no savior
i am a rap -ssasin awaken to banish trappers
backstabbers moving they daggers backwards
he from the valley in the gallo with gallo leo paved with ways past sandro
sk!lled with balling tactics of dos santos
ad libs from mad lib
villain from the madville screaming figaro
peek thy snow i see my soul
i pipe thy hoes and educate them with goddes goals
the concept of love is forget gone
that’s why i wrote something that hits home

hook: ershaw the rabbi
vibe with me, get high with me x8

verse 2: ershaw the rabbi

when life throws lemons i p-ssionately fruit the lemonade
money talks with punchlines i either cash clay
pottery from the lottery
cracks make our banquet so we ain’t broke today
i swear i’m broke two days
morning to mid day
midst to night
time is when the crime life is ripest to grind
we lurk in the shadows
black chiefs from the gallos
my spirits speak with sinerour castro
i matter even in sp-ce the boy called astro
blast those who think i’m wack bro
smack my hoes mamas and put them in line cause the apple don’t fall far from the tree
d-mn that’s why these b-tches hitting on me
guess it’s how new times figure out gravity
i am jahusa on calvary seldomly pasing into transa of see, malcolm x and gaverly in the year 3000bc
i am he who speaks of god
i am he who is he who speak soon they with so much intentsty
my intent tends to paint the picture that i am god when i am the mere powerful wond used to k!ll those not ready for ershvantgard


kayinima records
ershaw and chester