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lirik lagu 50 bang – erv dowd


[chorus x2]
oh my oh my oh my 50 bang
oh my oh my oh my 50 bang
oh my oh my oh my 50 bang
oh my oh my oh my 50 bang

[verse 1]
how i come so proficient and devoted
50 bang but drop 60 like i’m kobe
on off what’s the charge erv is bossin
i just do it n-gg- motherf-ck precaution
only time she pay off when my d-ck in her
i just want the bills like a boston center
and my game is so go no pauses in it
my account so grow all deposits in it
she so needy i ain’t trippin i can mind that
she gone suck me she gone blow me she gone mine me
and i’m straight through the trench f-ck yo linemen
i’m so minnesota vikings
they keep talking but yo actions where yo heart is at
erv, b and green day berkeley on the map
n-gg-s still with they music where yo moving at
n-gg- i am kurt warner how i quarterback

[verse 2]
oh my oh my 50 bang
where my n-gg- greg at 50 steak
i be wildin with the mula i be filling up the safe
might go ace of spades get some liq and drink the case
where i’m at in the bank in her puss or in her face
and i’m all about my money you can never keep the change
i be green honda in the lanes probably versac with the frame
gone tat eem f-ck the pain all her exes is some lames
erv dowd don’t chase unless we talkin bout the bank
and if we is okay now you speakin me lang
i don’t get in line for the planes i’m to the front
man i’m so above these n-gg-s i ain’t greeting with what’s up
i just came with some sl-ts kick them out like some punts
n-gg-s thought we was from florida cause we tampa with them bucks
hittin puss like loui slugs never depending on luck
to me she’ll f-ck to you she’ll what the f-ck