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lirik lagu warriors without a war – escape the clouds


verse 1
we dropped through the overcast silent as death
our twenty pounders trained on the airship ahead
grapplers sailed across. we stormed over her trim
the war between brothers ablaze at the pacific rim

verse 2
her captain shouted at the sight of my raiders
“you’re lower than the worst godd*mned traitors
you’ve got my ship, but you’ve still lost your war.”
with my sabre to his neck, i demanded more

he tossed me a cable he’d long ago received
i saw with my eyes but could scarcely believe
four months ago, as we set fire to the skies
our countrymen fell broken at the mason*dixon line

still we press on… (go!) towards the waning sun… (go!) our bow cutting hard through the air
never looking back… (no!) we’ll never go back… (no!) only misfortune lives there

verse 2
we hove to on the australian coast
took on stores as i confirmed the worst
amnesty had fallen all but my crew
accidental pirates now hunted by the blue
the ship was weighed off. the ballast vented
a ship of pariahs no longer protected
by the flag we still gallantly fly
by the cause for which we’ll bravely die


soldiers without a nation
warriors without a war