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lirik lagu shoot 2 kill – esh & the isolations


food in the stomach, gas in the van
five o’clock shadow and dracula tan
pushing a fang on a passionate stan
don’t trust a man with immaculate hands

if you must know
my black lungs spit dust bowl
over gun beats with gusto
clutch doe and huff rust*o

you’re picket fence and grass yards
i’m gargling with glass shards
thick skin, black scars
that i rock like a jacket at nascar


ya boy ain’t right
he’s all sucking venom out snake bites
and switch blades, and cage fights
and p*ss and vinegar (date night!)

dare you to swim in my gilligan tide
nothing to loss when you’re willing die
filling my pockets is k!lling my high
don’t meet your heroes they’re living a lie

constantly wondering why
i married the game with a wandering eye
giving her everything just to get by
and i’m showing no mercy call me cobra kai


calling all infidels
who sold their soul, checks in the mail
push envelops like sleeper cells
push bamboo shoots under fingernails

i got a style with no twin
your flow makes those who know cringe
white boy, no awkward code switch

and i shoot to k!ll

fix your incisors
with two fists like meat tenderizers
i’m like if they gave macgyver
a side kick and a psychic advisor

industry survivor
pirates, lies, and colonizers
but they’re none the wiser
trash bars are gas in my dumpster fire
i specialize in
making bombs out of fertilizer
all glassy eyed after
highway drives on tranquilizers

i’m off the geiger
i am death, i am oppenheimer
without regret and i’m off that pfizer

and i shoot to k!ll

k!ll your ego, k!ll that monster
k!ll a cop they’re corporate k!llmongers

k!ll ‘em all, yup, k!ll the children
k!ll the beat like drones k!ll civilians

k!ll the messenger, k!ll the sender
k!lling brain cells, can’t remember

k!ll with kindness? k!ll that noise
curmudgeonly k!lljoy

k!ll with ease and k!ll at will
k!ll the robots programmed to k!ll
k!ll for fun, just k!lling time
bit off kilter, k!lled that rhyme

k!ll a soldier and you’ll be honored
but i’ve been sent to k!ll sarah connor

k!ll your battery, let it melt
my phone just told me to k!ll myself

and i shoot to k!ll