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lirik lagu 4 my spawwn – etofn3w3ra


i could hear this verse
since my first burped verb
imma syrup turnt nerd
think my first word was a curse word
spit it on the earth since i was birthed
and i’m concerned i’m the sh-t
i deserve this sh-t
no t-rds but i’m a bit
of a burden sitting ya sternum i’m lit
i’m a bird u a fish
n i’m tryna get my lunch crunch what fun
son of an ominous hum
imma b-ss line in the background
but i’m upfront and i’m hungry you a late lunch
n u uncool like my aunties spouse
i just want a lot like my aunties house
don’t wanna stop betta not count me out
bout to be on top you can find me down
got the kinda vibe to make your eyes bleed out
so if you smell the sound bring ya visine out
hit me with the b-ss and high hats now
g willikers imma gee whiz
n that’s g sh-t tryna bring the peace with no pieces
seek it and you speak it n you prolly gonna see it
if you ain’t agreeing thin you prolly didn’t need it
n-gg- if iii i speak it then it’s something i believe in
jumping jeeper creepers scooby run into a demon
something of a g*nius
i divide an o
bullsh-t u be talking homie i don’t really know
if you wanna chop it den betta find a butcher
stay out of my sight cause sugar i ain’t really looking
i be whipping p-ssy like chinese cooking
i mean simise p-ssy homie i need sisters
i need thighs around my hips and pelvis grinding on my pistol
new era be the system
based on princ-p-l
so pay attention get detention yo that’s your early dismissal
i’m so gentile i’ll get head when i’m in dentures
if you recognize my temper
i’m more july than december
i do dances on yo temple
tryna t-tillate yo mental
i’ll impress u like dimple
i don’t love unless i’m lifted
i don’t lose unless i’m missing
and i’m making every shot
i’m spray and praying with a glock
n i ain’t stopping till they drop
i’m waking baby like a clock
set your alarm or get the c-ck
i’m giving everything i got
and i will never ever stop
i’m not a f-cking ooctagon
n-gg- i i’m a team of one
n tough enough to jump a gun
i hold the city with a grunt
man n-gg-s wanna see me done
but yall the ordinary ones
so imma stick out like thumb
or the branches from a trunk
she wanna layup and get dunked
so imma i’ spray her with my c-m
this b-tch amazing with her tongue
im talking reckless cause i’m drunk
yo pablo help a n-gg- up
and someone tell me where i parked
know how the f-ck iim getting home in the bed
i’m long and i’m winded
n i run on l like a sentence
i’m so right my dome is a pen
i got dyk-s tryna bone my a appendage
out this b-tch like appendixes
n-gg- better never say i ain’t rip this sh-t
got em turning red like a litmus strip
f-ck em till they blue like they switching sets
baby you wouldn’t know if you ain’t witnessed it
bet ya can’t guess like a written test
shawty old news man i been hit that
put the bills in the back like fitted cap
ask if i’m sick glad you mentioned that
cause i’m sicker than the icu
get your dividends yo i see you
can’t sing but i can carry tunes
and imma smite em with a groove
i’m flyer than a witches broom
rap like i’m living in a tomb
i got that pure organic juice
my nuts be hanging like fruit
don’t catch me hanging with the crew
my n-gg-s banging like some rude neighbors
taking your paper stapled, and they faithful to pac
i went ahead and shaved it off
i’m walking dead when im alive
i’m in a headless state of mind
i’m made of metal i’m a sign
i got directions like a comp-ss
couldn’t save em as a contact
i don’t waiver like a conscious
n i don’t play cause i design
but beta test me if you want
i’m taking everything they got
don’t thank me baby just thank god
he did amazing when i dropped
now watch an angel hit the top
could be a savior like my pops
or i could d-mn with my thoughts
i’m steady tryna find the time
so f-ck around and lose ya watch
i’m throwing up all kinds of signs
i f-cked around and lost my lunch
feels like my stomach getting pumped
i’m talking sit-ups and a crunch
b-tches climax like dun dun dun
i gotta do this for my sp-wn
n new era be the unk
they’ll say that daddy number one
can’t say that daddy never won…(yes)