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lirik lagu eleventh heaven – euphoreon


how could i stand there as your life p-ssed you by-
i gave up all for you and you threw it all away
no faith can break me down
the time’s out
my lies suppress your needs
your hate controlling me
i can’t hide these fears
i’m out of here
so long, i’m never coming home
don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone
now i’m one with the sky, this is my time to fly
take me higher, than i’ve ever been before
leave me there and care, care no more
one moment of madness has cost you dear
you’re not so innocent this time
the catalyst to all that’s wrong, no remorse in sight
so far, far away from me is where you’ll stay
it wasn’t meant to end this way
mastermind of your own demise
heavens cold, abandoned
death is not the end of life
seduced by her
lightning strikes (you down to ashes)
flames so high (intoxication)
silver light (exhilaration)
say goodbye, the sky is waiting
if you could, would you turn the hands of time
seize the day or freeze the moment
capture all the beauty and the grace
unite in a second life
this promise for a night
was just a waste of precious time
we all must die alone
take me where i belong
the world’s just not the same
no clouds with silver lines
a step away from you feels like
being closer to heaven
my eyes painted a dream
a scene beyond belief
thought i had seen it all
what was i waiting for
those days you’ll never get them back
you broke the chains now you will burn
you wonder why you always fail, always try to find
answers are not needed now, you’ve left me far behind
nothing more to say? another paradise turns grey
burn me, you stole my trust
hold me, my will you crushed
a name you can’t forget
where are you now?
you came, you saw, you conquered
but left without your pride
if you’ve found your own way
where are you now?